Shelf Life

All of our products are manufactured with shelf life or expiration date. Even with our premium lashes, with time, the strength of both its curls and adhesive will wear off. The product line that is most affected by the storage-life will be the adhesive line. This page provides information about our products and their shelf-life. BEAUTIER recommends our customers to read over the terms before purchasing. 


Our Eyelash product lines use 100% Korean made raw materials to produce qualified eyelashes that are finely and perfectly tapered with long lasting perfect curls. Our 4-step quality control processes ensure the safety and it is safe to use them without any set date. In rare situations, there may be few cases that might have been in the storage for too long and loses its curl and adhesiveness. BEAUTIER  is proud to tell you our workflow considers quality the most, we keep up with our products in stock through made-to-order manufacturing.

BEAUTIER Adhesive 

BEAUTIER We feel glue is most sensitive to humidity and temperature, and we recommend customers should purchase and use with a short shelf life in mind. Unlike other manufacturers, BEAUTIER has a short shelf life and expiration date to meet the high end standard quality and also give the technicians who perform and the customers who receive procedures assurance. 

All products are produced as soon as the order is confirmed, and therefore, they are delivered to have the maximum shell life.

All of our glue has 2-month best by date for unopened and 1-month best by date for opened container. Although it may be used longer depending on the storage condition, BEAUTIER always recommends to keep mind on the short shelf life.

BEAUTIER Aftercare

Our aftercare products have 2 years of shelf life and manufacture them once every 3 months.

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