All eyelashes made by BEAUTIER are 100% professionally handmade, and each curl is alive and natural, and is carefully crafted to keep the curls lasting for a long time.

All products are packaged and sold after going through our Quality Control total of 5 times; 3 stages during production, 2 stages before shipping them out. BEAUTIER’s strict Quality Control is already well known in the market  thanks to all of our customers and we hope to satisfy customers with the best quality.

Why are BEAUTIER Lashes Special? 

As with gourmet dishes, the most important thing is the raw material. What materials are used and how they are made also greatly affects the manufacture of eyelashes.

BEAUTIER Lashes use PBT fiber produced only in one factory. If materials from several factories are used, the quality of eyelashes after production is not uniform, so BEAUTIER starts with a stable quality consistency by unifying the material from the beginning.

All the products we make use 100% Korean PBT fiber and are optimized for making delicate eyelashes because they have higher durability than those produced in other countries.


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