Above chart shows each adhesive and their characteristics for your reference before making a purchase.

BEAUTIER We manufactured glues so the customers and technicians can choose them by the style such as Volume or Classic and even on color extension. Since the material we are dealing with can be sensitive to time and humidity we produce and ship after the order has been confirmed.

The information below shows basic information about glue, please refer to it.



Why does the Glue Solidify?

All eyelash glues begin to harden and dry faster with higher humidity because the main ingredient of the glue attracts moisture and makes it cure. it is important to be aware of the hot and humid places where glues can harden too quickly or change into a thick (ball) shape.


Glues Specific for High Temperature and High Humidity?

Many manufacturers sell it under the title as a ‘glue suitable for high temperature and high humidity’ but due to the characteristics of manufacturing and products, the glue dries quickly if there is any  humidity. Eyelash extensions are best maintained when a technician uses a glue that is familiar to the hand and most recommended. Therefore, It is best to adjust the humidity level in the working area with dehumidifiers and air purifiers as the technician feels comfortable. 


Glues Used in Dry Environment 

In a dry environment, glue takes much longer than the default drying time. If you need to use the glue in a dry place, setting a sufficient amount of moisture/humidity in the working area/environment will help the glue dry at the right speed. 


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